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Going beyond the Internet of Things sales hype

Every Internet of Things (IoT) salesman is hyping their products. Businesses have to be clear about their goals before they decide what to install and how. But if they get it right, it can be transformative. Supply chain ‘Ninja’ Patrick Strauss always asks the same question when he comes into a business as an Internet of Things (IoT) supply chain consultant. The simple question is ‘why do you need this IoT technology?’

brussels citizen initiatives vegan festival

How citizen-powered initiatives are changing the conversation in Brussels

Today’s changemakers are a different breed to those who have come before. Across the world, the online generation is beginning to transform communities and economies — and they’re bringing new values and new ways of working with them. So what can businesses learn from these 21st-century citizens?


The Wood Fibre Solution to the world’s Plastic Problem

All the plastic ever made still exists somewhere on the planet, yet we are still making huge amounts – over 300 billion kilos a year. That’s a tower stretching to the moon and back 25 times from plastic bottles alone. If we continue plastic production at this rate there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050 according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Ultra-Fast EV Charger.

The game-changing charger for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are catching on fast. Every car manufacturer is now working on one or has already released one. Several countries have committed to getting rid of petrol and diesel cars completely, some like the Netherlands and Norway as early as 2025, others like Germany and India in 2030. Even the largest car market in the world, China, has promised to end the production of traditional energy vehicles in the near future.

future of advertising surveillance capitalism

The future of advertising, or a surveillance nightmare?

In London’s Piccadilly Circus, an advertising screen the size of two basketball courts detects the ages, genders and moods of passers-by and responds by displaying targeted ads. The process uses facial-recognition cameras hidden behind the Piccadilly Lights billboards to pick out faces in the crowd and assess which adverts might be of interest.

Biometrics 5 companies firms using technology

5 firms using biometrics to change the way we pay

The average Briton has to remember a total of 19 passwords to access all of their logins for online accounts. 35% of them choose to use unsafe passwords simply because it’s difficult to remember them all. It’s clear the days of the password are numbered, but what will replace them? The growing field of biometrics may have the answer.

Amsterdam Capitalist Surveillance Smart Cities Fightback

Amsterdam leads fight against data surveillance capitalism

Dutch data privacy campaigner Marleen Stikker had a revelation of the ‘Big Brother’ potential of digital technologies in 1994, just ten years after the iconic date of Orwell’s 1984. As a founder of Digital City – Europe’s first virtual community – Stikker was offered a demonstration of the dark side of what were then emerging technologies.


Eureka means “I found it!” and was the phrase that exclaimed Archimedes after discovering that the volume of water that ascends is equal to the volume of the submerged body. It is about problem solving, learning, and discovery. So that is precisely the purpose of this website: to understand, to learn. A tribute to our ancient history. From Europe to the world.