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How waste wood could be used to fight climate warming

Sampo Tukiainen is a Finnish entrepreneur and inventor who has worked with carbon for more than 20 years. He believes that biochar, a form charcoal produced from biomass such as waste wood, could hold the key to resolving some of the world’s most pressing climate challenges. In 2016, Tukiainen saw an opportunity and founded Carbofex, Finland’s largest producer of biochar and other biocarbon products.

big brother and big data in smart cities

Big data and Big Brother in the modern smart city

Few people walking around a modern city centre minding their own business will be aware that sophisticated surveillance technologies are monitoring their every move. These same individuals will have become belatedly aware of the abuses of social media companies, following the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal. But what they won’t know is how it’s not even necessary to be online for your data to be tracked and recorded by invisible agencies.

Space X Satellite High-Speed Internet

Why Elon Musk will win the race for space-based internet

Even by Elon Musk’s standards, his plan to send 4,425 low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites into space to provide high-speed internet to the whole planet, is audacious and financially risky. The SpaceX constellation would more than double the world’s current number of functioning satellites and Musk is already planning to send up another 7,518 satellites for Phase 2 of the Starlink project after 2023.

crowdfunding threat or opportunity

The Crowdfunding Trend – Threat or Opportunity?

Crowdfunding has been gaining more and more ground in recent years, especially among European consumers. It might seem like a trend embraced only by start-ups desperate for cash, but in reality crowdfunding is quickly becoming a useful tool to recruit and maintain an enthusiastic client base for companies across multiple industries.

jim stolze first AI recruitment agency

Meet the man building the world’s first AI recruitment agency

In 2013, tech entrepreneur and ambassador Jim Stolze got sick of discussing the potential of AI and decided he wanted to get his hands dirty. He founded Aigency, a recruitment company that connects businesses with the algorithms they need to streamline and automate their operations.

Spammers finding their way into your inbox.

The endless game of cat and mouse with spammers

These botnets are controlled by technologically proficient criminal gangs and hired out to spammers for a fee. The botnets are based all over the world, but hotspots include China, India, Vietnam, Russia and Brazil. Some are state-controlled and there is strong evidence that the Russian Government used them to sway the US presidential election.

CIOs – The Leaders Of The Digital Revolution?

Everyone in the office huddles over their pads, taking down notes furiously as the CEO sketches her vision for the new product on the whiteboard at the front of the room. In the corner, another executive, the CIO, is preparing to unveil a mocked-up prototype, which still hides tantalisingly beneath a sheet.


Eureka means “I found it!” and was the phrase that exclaimed Archimedes after discovering that the volume of water that ascends is equal to the volume of the submerged body. It is about problem solving, learning, and discovery. So that is precisely the purpose of this website: to understand, to learn. A tribute to our ancient history. From Europe to the world.