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Human resources

How we manage the most important resource of all.

Workplace Personality Testing – a pointless fad or the key to a great hire?

Regardless of whether personality tests are totally accurate or not, they can still be useful exercises during the recruitment process. Completing a simple
personality test can be a great opportunity to anticipate potential scenarios and discuss how the candidate would react.

transform negative company culture

How to transform a negative company culture

According to a report from Deloitte, culture flows from the top of an organisation. If your management is promoting the features of a negative culture, then that’s the culture everyone in the company will be striving to emulate. Luckily though, positive culture flows the same way.

Workplace at home and remote workers, company culture

How to build a workplace culture – without the workplace

More and more people are choosing to work from home, and who can blame them? But there’s one thing missing from the picture: good old-fashioned workplace culture.

Talent recruitment employer branding

How to stand out from the crowd when recruiting top talent

Talented graduates have many options when it comes to choosing the right company, so what can you do to distinguish your business and recruit the best talent?

Nordic Countries Paradise of Egalitarianism

Dispelling the Nordic Nirvana myth

Gender equality advocates tend to view Scandinavia as the shining example of true equality between the sexes. But the evidence suggests that the reality is different – especially for women working towards executive roles.

New era of work offices work spaces and workplaces

Welcome to the New Era of Work

In today’s world, the global business landscape is rapidly changing every day. From upcoming workplace trends to the impact of artificial intelligence, technology has never been a more significant challenge – or offered such big opportunities for companies and workers. So, what does this new era of work look like?

The ways Best Companies Attract and Maintain Talent

How the Best Companies Manage to Attract and Keep Talent

Want to work at online travel business Expedia, Google, Salesforce or Facebook? Join the queues. According to a wealth of research in the UK and US, these are companies that are at the top of their game in recruiting and retaining top talent.


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