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Eye Harp: The Instrument You Play with your Eyes

In a world where music is one of the most beautiful ways of communicating, it’s important that everyone has access to it. That’s why The Eye Harp,, offers the opportunity for people with disabilities to play music and achieve their dreams.
Eye Harp is the Instrument to play with your eyes

June 6, 2017

Eye Harp is a “gaze-controlled music interface” that is controlled by the eyes. The goal the digital instrument is to allow disabled people to learn and play music. It’s built on an open-source platform and it’s free to download and use.

The digital format tracks the movement of the eyes with a camera and allows you to control the course of your look. It can be used from any device that’s controlled by a mouse.

Once downloaded, the application has a basic sound system. For better quality, it can be used as a midi controller.

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By default, it is synchronized in C scale, but you can change that through the main menu. You can also allocate different musical notes to each button.

It enables users to create harmonies, change chords and play songs simultaneously. Though it is still being developed, it is going to be a comprehensive program that will allow people to play music even though they don’t have use of their limbs.

Eye Harp was created by Zacharias Vamvakousis and Rafael Ramírez, both from the Investigating Group in Musical Technologies (MTG), in Barcelona. The company has developed many projects, both national and international and they run various activities in musical technologies, like the investigation and training. Its main goal is to contribute to the progress and improve the relationship between music and the technologies of information and communication (TIC).


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