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Looking after ourselves and each other.

How Medical Startups Are Shaping Our Health

Digitisation has already changed most industries – now it’s changing the way the medical world works too. There is a huge impact on the way that the pharma world is starting to interact with its payers as well as with doctors and patients. Also drug makers have started to seek out new personality traits and completely different skill sets in its employees. What is the industry looking for? What’s next?

Gene Therapy is Reinventing Healthcare Treatment

Gene Therapy: Reinventing Health Care?

Rare diseases could have a cure if enough money, time, and research are allocated to them. This is a complicated and difficult mission, but in some cases, it’s not impossible. A lot of research has shown that some clinics are using gene therapy to treat certain types of diseases.

Eye Harp is the Instrument to play with your eyes

Eye Harp: The Instrument You Play with your Eyes

In a world where music is one of the most beautiful ways of communicating, it’s important that everyone has access to it. That’s why The Eye Harp offers the opportunity for people with disabilities to play music and achieve their dreams.

Eureka News meditation benefits

Meditation: Helpful in Many Ways

Meditation is associated with mindfulness and the spiritual side of eastern religions. But the truth is that for a while now, it’s been growing in popularity throughout the world as a way of relaxing.

Competitiveness of Well-being Companies

Are ‘Wellbeing’ Companies More Competitive?

A rising trend in the business world is ‘Wellbeing’ or ‘Healthy Companies’, which already has a standard of measurement and certification process (NEBOSH in the United Kingdom, AENOR in Spain, etc.).

The Great Invention Of The Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing – a Great Invention

You’re in the office and you need an important document that’s stored on your home computer. It’s annoying to have to go home to get it, right?

3D Printing Human Cyborgs and Prostheses

Human Cyborgs: 3D Printing and Prostheses

The concept that science advances by giant steps is not new, however, the field of prostheses and implants is producing a real revolution. The discovery of new materials such as graphene, the reduction of the size of microchips and the invention of 3D printers are allowing researchers to make implants and robotic prostheses that significantly improve living conditions.


Eureka means “I found it!” and was the phrase that exclaimed Archimedes after discovering that the volume of water that ascends is equal to the volume of the submerged body. It is about problem solving, learning, and discovery. So that is precisely the purpose of this website: to understand, to learn. A tribute to our ancient history. From Europe to the world.