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The most important change to data privacy regulation in 20 years.
In-depth coverage of the General Data Protection Regulation, insight into its implications and how organisations can achieve compliance and avoid penalties.

What is GDPR compliance? | What are the GDPR fines for non-compliance? | GDPR Summary | GDPR Full text

The future of advertising, or a surveillance nightmare?

In London’s Piccadilly Circus, an advertising screen the size of two basketball courts detects the ages, genders and moods of passers-by and responds by displaying targeted ads. The process uses facial-recognition cameras hidden behind the Piccadilly Lights billboards to pick out faces in the crowd and assess which adverts might be of interest.

Amsterdam Capitalist Surveillance Smart Cities Fightback

Amsterdam leads fight against data surveillance capitalism

Dutch data privacy campaigner Marleen Stikker had a revelation of the ‘Big Brother’ potential of digital technologies in 1994, just ten years after the iconic date of Orwell’s 1984. As a founder of Digital City – Europe’s first virtual community – Stikker was offered a demonstration of the dark side of what were then emerging technologies.

GDPR is coming but not all bad

GDPR is coming… and it’s not all bad

True, there are some rather frightening bits. Like the fines for data breaches, which can be up to e20M or 4% of annual global turnover. Levels which one commentator has already called “existentially threatening” to some firms. Then there’s the cost in money and time of becoming compliant, with organisations being forced to streamline their personal data – knowing where every piece is, what it’s being used for and why, and deleting any that is no longer relevant.

big brother and big data in smart cities

Big data and Big Brother in the modern smart city

Few people walking around a modern city centre minding their own business will be aware that sophisticated surveillance technologies are monitoring their every move. These same individuals will have become belatedly aware of the abuses of social media companies, following the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal. But what they won’t know is how it’s not even necessary to be online for your data to be tracked and recorded by invisible agencies.

Spammers finding their way into your inbox.

The endless game of cat and mouse with spammers

These botnets are controlled by technologically proficient criminal gangs and hired out to spammers for a fee. The botnets are based all over the world, but hotspots include China, India, Vietnam, Russia and Brazil. Some are state-controlled and there is strong evidence that the Russian Government used them to sway the US presidential election.

GDPR effects on online business regulations

Online businesses are in frontline of GDPR regulations

E-commerce companies may need to change their marketing strategies to deal with GDPR, but as long as their actions remain transparent, there’s no need to panic.

GDPR and Healthcare

GDPR runs risk of stifling healthcare innovation

Insisting on “explicit consent” for patient healthcare data to be used for research purposes makes process laborious and less effective, experts say.


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