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Lee Williams

Lee Williams is a professional freelance journalist who specialises in science and technology, political commentary and investigative journalism with published works in various prestigious publications such as The Guardian / Observer, The Independent, The International Business Times and the Private Eye.

Known for writing feature stories that have received hundreds of thousands of shares, Lee has covered a diverse range of topics like eighty-hour work weeks, media bias and extra-terrestrial life.

Lee enjoys walking, playing with his daughter, playing football, and creative writing – his first novel will be coming out soon.

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The Wood Fibre Solution to the world’s Plastic Problem

13 Jun 2018 in Innovation

All the plastic ever made still exists somewhere on the planet, yet we are still making huge amounts – over 300 billion kilos a year. That’s a tower stretching to the moon and back 25 times from plastic bottles alone. If we continue plastic production at this rate there will be more plastic than fish in the oceans by 2050 according to the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

Ultra-Fast EV Charger.

The game-changing charger for electric vehicles

12 Jun 2018 in Innovation

Electric vehicles are catching on fast. Every car manufacturer is now working on one or has already released one. Several countries have committed to getting rid of petrol and diesel cars completely, some like the Netherlands and Norway as early as 2025, others like Germany and India in 2030. Even the largest car market in the world, China, has promised to end the production of traditional energy vehicles in the near future.

GDPR is coming but not all bad

GDPR is coming… and it’s not all bad

07 May 2018 in GDPR

True, there are some rather frightening bits. Like the fines for data breaches, which can be up to e20M or 4% of annual global turnover. Levels which one commentator has already called “existentially threatening” to some firms. Then there’s the cost in money and time of becoming compliant, with organisations being forced to streamline their personal data – knowing where every piece is, what it’s being used for and why, and deleting any that is no longer relevant.

CIOs – The Leaders Of The Digital Revolution?

05 Apr 2018 in Innovation, Leadership

Everyone in the office huddles over their pads, taking down notes furiously as the CEO sketches her vision for the new product on the whiteboard at the front of the room. In the corner, another executive, the CIO, is preparing to unveil a mocked-up prototype, which still hides tantalisingly beneath a sheet.


Eureka means “I found it!” and was the phrase that exclaimed Archimedes after discovering that the volume of water that ascends is equal to the volume of the submerged body. It is about problem solving, learning, and discovery. So that is precisely the purpose of this website: to understand, to learn. A tribute to our ancient history. From Europe to the world.