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Lauren Razavi

Lauren Razavi is an award-winning journalist and content strategist who has published works in The Guardian, VICE, ShortList, NPR and The Atlantic.
Having worked for renowned brands such as Google, Facebook, Land Rover and Timberland, Lauren has made appearances on television and radio as a panellist and guest speaker for the BBC and Channel 4.
Winner of the Young Freelancer of the Year award at IPSE QA Freelance Awards, Lauren has become an ambassador for the freelance journalist community and also co-founded Flibl, a communications consultancy based in Norwich.
Published: 12
brussels citizen initiatives vegan festival

How citizen-powered initiatives are changing the conversation in Brussels

21 Jun 2018 in Innovation, Leadership

Today’s changemakers are a different breed to those who have come before. Across the world, the online generation is beginning to transform communities and economies — and they’re bringing new values and new ways of working with them. So what can businesses learn from these 21st-century citizens?

Biometrics 5 companies firms using technology

5 firms using biometrics to change the way we pay

23 May 2018 in Innovation

The average Briton has to remember a total of 19 passwords to access all of their logins for online accounts. 35% of them choose to use unsafe passwords simply because it’s difficult to remember them all. It’s clear the days of the password are numbered, but what will replace them? The growing field of biometrics may have the answer.

personality tests recruiting HR

Workplace Personality Testing – a pointless fad or the key to a great hire?

09 May 2018 in Human resources

Regardless of whether personality tests are totally accurate or not, they can still be useful exercises during the recruitment process. Completing a simple
personality test can be a great opportunity to anticipate potential scenarios and discuss how the candidate would react.

crowdfunding threat or opportunity

The Crowdfunding Trend – Threat or Opportunity?

18 Apr 2018 in Innovation

Crowdfunding has been gaining more and more ground in recent years, especially among European consumers. It might seem like a trend embraced only by start-ups desperate for cash, but in reality crowdfunding is quickly becoming a useful tool to recruit and maintain an enthusiastic client base for companies across multiple industries.

transform negative company culture

How to transform a negative company culture

03 Apr 2018 in Human resources

According to a report from Deloitte, culture flows from the top of an organisation. If your management is promoting the features of a negative culture, then that’s the culture everyone in the company will be striving to emulate. Luckily though, positive culture flows the same way.

Malmo Circular Economy Sustainability

Exploring the circular economy in Malmo, Sweden

16 Mar 2018 in Innovation

With the United Nations estimating that 60 percent of the global population will live in cities by 2030, making better use of space and resources is at the top of urban agendas everywhere. In a circular economy, resources are kept in use for long periods so their value can be maximised. Rather than disposing of products and materials at the end of their lifespan, they are recovered, repurposed or regenerated.

Workplace at home and remote workers, company culture

How to build a workplace culture – without the workplace

01 Mar 2018 in Human resources

More and more people are choosing to work from home, and who can blame them? But there’s one thing missing from the picture: good old-fashioned workplace culture.

Talent recruitment employer branding

How to stand out from the crowd when recruiting top talent

30 Jan 2018 in Human resources

Talented graduates have many options when it comes to choosing the right company, so what can you do to distinguish your business and recruit the best talent?

sharing economy on digital platforms

How digital platforms are creating an economy built on collaboration

29 Jan 2018 in Innovation

The sharing economy is quickly changing the way our societies and economies function. Digital platforms are at the forefront of this shift, linking individuals as buyers and sellers and facilitating everyday life. But what are the implications of this change and what does the future hold for the ‘sharing economy?’

Decode Europe - Personal data

DECODE: The EU’s radical project to reclaim personal data

14 Nov 2017 in GDPR

How could EU citizens connect and share information online without the services of Facebook, Amazon and Apple? It sounds impossible, but a new EU initiative is reimagining the internet.

New era of work offices work spaces and workplaces

Welcome to the New Era of Work

31 Oct 2017 in Human resources

In today’s world, the global business landscape is rapidly changing every day. From upcoming workplace trends to the impact of artificial intelligence, technology has never been a more significant challenge – or offered such big opportunities for companies and workers. So, what does this new era of work look like?

Reshaping the Personal Data in the EU

Reshaping the Personal Data Economy

13 Oct 2017 in GDPR

Data is the currency of the internet, and no data is more valuable to companies – and hackers – than personal information. Connect a few pieces of information – name, address, date of birth – and it’s possible to effectively assume a person’s identity.


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