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David W. Smith

David W Smith is an accomplished journalist who covers business, finance, politics, arts and sport with published works in a number of prestigious publications such as The Guardian, The Times and The Daily Telegraph.
David specialises in making complex subjects easy to understand and has recently covered topics such as human trafficking, transnational companies, FIFA corruption and electric cars.
Some of David's interests include: literature; cinema; chess; cricket; jazz, classical and pop music and creative writing.
Published: 14

Going beyond the Internet of Things sales hype

02 Aug 2018 in Innovation

Every Internet of Things (IoT) salesman is hyping their products. Businesses have to be clear about their goals before they decide what to install and how. But if they get it right, it can be transformative. Supply chain ‘Ninja’ Patrick Strauss always asks the same question when he comes into a business as an Internet of Things (IoT) supply chain consultant. The simple question is ‘why do you need this IoT technology?’

future of advertising surveillance capitalism

The future of advertising, or a surveillance nightmare?

04 Jun 2018 in GDPR, Innovation

In London’s Piccadilly Circus, an advertising screen the size of two basketball courts detects the ages, genders and moods of passers-by and responds by displaying targeted ads. The process uses facial-recognition cameras hidden behind the Piccadilly Lights billboards to pick out faces in the crowd and assess which adverts might be of interest.

Amsterdam Capitalist Surveillance Smart Cities Fightback

Amsterdam leads fight against data surveillance capitalism

22 May 2018 in GDPR, Innovation

Dutch data privacy campaigner Marleen Stikker had a revelation of the ‘Big Brother’ potential of digital technologies in 1994, just ten years after the iconic date of Orwell’s 1984. As a founder of Digital City – Europe’s first virtual community – Stikker was offered a demonstration of the dark side of what were then emerging technologies.

big brother and big data in smart cities

Big data and Big Brother in the modern smart city

03 May 2018 in GDPR, Innovation

Few people walking around a modern city centre minding their own business will be aware that sophisticated surveillance technologies are monitoring their every move. These same individuals will have become belatedly aware of the abuses of social media companies, following the Facebook and Cambridge Analytica scandal. But what they won’t know is how it’s not even necessary to be online for your data to be tracked and recorded by invisible agencies.

Space X Satellite High-Speed Internet

Why Elon Musk will win the race for space-based internet

24 Apr 2018 in Innovation

Even by Elon Musk’s standards, his plan to send 4,425 low-earth orbit (LEO) satellites into space to provide high-speed internet to the whole planet, is audacious and financially risky. The SpaceX constellation would more than double the world’s current number of functioning satellites and Musk is already planning to send up another 7,518 satellites for Phase 2 of the Starlink project after 2023.

Spammers finding their way into your inbox.

The endless game of cat and mouse with spammers

10 Apr 2018 in GDPR, Innovation

These botnets are controlled by technologically proficient criminal gangs and hired out to spammers for a fee. The botnets are based all over the world, but hotspots include China, India, Vietnam, Russia and Brazil. Some are state-controlled and there is strong evidence that the Russian Government used them to sway the US presidential election.

Google Deep Mind Chess AI

Google Deep Mind’s ‘alien’ chess computer reveals game’s deeper truths

20 Mar 2018 in Innovation

AlphaZero taught itself to play chess in four hours by playing millions of games, then overwhelmed one of the world’s strongest chess computers, Stockfish 8, in a 100-game match in December. AlphaZero won 28 games and lost none against a chess engine that routinely dismantles human players.

High speed rail and air travel competition

High-speed rail and air trapped in destructive ‘dogfight’ myth

13 Mar 2018 in Innovation

Advances in high-speed rail (HSR) have enlarged the distances over which trains can theoretically “compete” with planes, fuelling the media myth of a dogfight between the two sectors.

GDPR effects on online business regulations

Online businesses are in frontline of GDPR regulations

21 Feb 2018 in GDPR

E-commerce companies may need to change their marketing strategies to deal with GDPR, but as long as their actions remain transparent, there’s no need to panic.

GDPR and Healthcare

GDPR runs risk of stifling healthcare innovation

30 Jan 2018 in GDPR

Insisting on “explicit consent” for patient healthcare data to be used for research purposes makes process laborious and less effective, experts say.

Nordic Countries Paradise of Egalitarianism

Dispelling the Nordic Nirvana myth

24 Jan 2018 in Human resources

Gender equality advocates tend to view Scandinavia as the shining example of true equality between the sexes. But the evidence suggests that the reality is different – especially for women working towards executive roles.

Female bosses better than male counterparts

Women bosses can change the world by challenging the ‘virility myth’

22 Jan 2018 in Leadership

In the corporate world, men still dominate executive roles while women struggle to achieve high-up positions – despite outperforming their male counterparts in such roles. Social entrepreneur Isabella Lenarduzzi believes that an influx of women in such roles will see a revolution in management styles and corporate values.

Music industry changing digital music journalists

The Stream of Innovation in the Music Industry

17 Nov 2017 in Innovation

The music industry has undergone drastic change since 1999, with revenue almost halving in 15 years – a change that has now paved the way for an explosion of digital innovation, transforming the processes that bring music to the world.


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