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GDPR runs risk of stifling healthcare innovation

Insisting on “explicit consent” for patient healthcare data to be used for research purposes makes process laborious and less effective, experts say.

What’s a Data Protection Officer and does my business need to hire one?

One of the stipulations of the GDPR is that certain organisations may need to appoint a Data Protection Officer. Does your business need to appoint someone to the role?

GDPR – Know your rights

Turning to Chapter 3 of the GDPR, articles 12-23 look directly at the rights of the data subject – any individual whose data is held by any business. Individuals want to know that their data is secure and used legitimately, and data controllers will need to be across this crucial area of the regulation as, should they not adhere, large fines could be just around the corner.

Decode Europe - Personal data

DECODE: The EU’s radical project to reclaim personal data

Can you imagine an internet without Google? How could EU citizens connect and share information online without the services of Facebook, Amazon and Apple? It sounds impossible, but a new EU initiative is reimagining the internet.


Money Talks

If companies consider privacy not just as a way to meet some new regulation, but as a way to differentiate themselves from competitors, that could give them an advantage in winning and retaining customers.

“Every company in the world will be hacked within five years”

White Hats have arrived to use their skills for good. We spoke to Jamie Woodruff, a renowned ethical hacker, and Peter Wood, CEO of First Base Technologies.


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