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GDPR is coming… and it’s not all bad

The GDPR deadline seemed far away only recently, but there’s now less than a month to go. Lee Williams speaks with Alan Calder, founder-director of IT Governance and Tom Hassall, data scientist at AI company Peak.

Workplace Personality Testing – a pointless fad or the key to a great hire?

Recruiting is no longer a glance at the CV followed by a few interviews. Personality tests are now part of the process in a majority of HR departments – but do they work?

Big data and Big Brother in the modern smart city

All over the world, smart city technologies are monitoring citizen behaviour with severe consequences for privacy and security. David W. Smith looks at how ‘smart cities’ are collecting and using personal information.

wood waste, biochar solutions for global warming prevention

How waste wood could be used to fight climate warming

Connecting coal and other fossil-fuel burning facilities to carbon capture could drastically reduce the rate of global warming – Jesse Norton looks into the potential of biochar.

How digital platforms are creating an economy built on collaboration

The sharing economy is quickly changing the way our societies and economies function. Digital platforms are at the forefront of this shift, linking individuals as buyers and sellers and facilitating everyday life.


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