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How citizen-powered initiatives are changing the conversation in Brussels

Brussels Together is taking projects from local gatherings to city-wide events attracting thousands, while working as a collective that supports citizen-led projects and promotes the reimagining of the city from the bottom up with values of transparency, inclusiveness and experimentation.

The Wood Fibre Solution to the world’s Plastic Problem

The world desperately needs a replacement for plastic. But where would we find such a material? Is wood the answer? Lee Williams looks into the potential of wood fibres.

The game-changing charger for electric vehicles

Electric vehicles are becoming more common, but infrastructure is struggling to keep up in key automotive markets. Lee Williams looks into a potentially game-changing Ultra-Fast EV Charger that sources power directly from the grid.
future of advertising surveillance capitalism

The future of advertising, or a surveillance nightmare?

Advertisers are excited about using facial-recognition cameras to divide consumers into segments and assess their moods. But privacy campaigners say the ubiquity of cameras has devastating social consequences.

How digital platforms are creating an economy built on collaboration

The sharing economy is quickly changing the way our societies and economies function. Digital platforms are at the forefront of this shift, linking individuals as buyers and sellers and facilitating everyday life.


Eureka means “I found it!” and was the phrase that exclaimed Archimedes after discovering that the volume of water that ascends is equal to the volume of the submerged body. It is about problem solving, learning, and discovery. So that is precisely the purpose of this website: to understand, to learn. A tribute to our ancient history. From Europe to the world.