Reshaping the Personal Data Economy

Data is the currency of the internet, and no data is more valuable to companies – and hackers – than personal information. Connect a few pieces of information – name, address, date of birth – and it’s possible to effectively assume a person’s identity.

GDPR Countdown: A focused approach to data

Having too much data can lead to unnecessary risks for personal data. Businesses must make sure that they have a purpose for the data they are collecting, along with an effective way of auditing this data and processing it.

There is Always Room for our Leaders to Show their Human Side

Generosity from leaders can have a positive effect on those around them, fuelling more giving and acts of kindness from others.

How Medical Startups Are Shaping Our Health

Digitisation has already changed most industries – now it’s changing the way the medical world works too. There is a huge impact on the way that the pharma world is starting to interact with its payers as well as with doctors and patients.


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